Deaddown Wind Liquid Body Hair Soap Odor Elimination

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Deaddown Wind Liquid Body Hair Soap Odor Elimination

Moisturizing Formula Removes Odors – Won’t Dry Out Hair This new and improved Shampoo & Conditioner by Dead Down Wind trade; features an enhanced moisturizing formula. This is odor control that conditions, moisturizes and eliminates tangles or dryness for both men and women. ESP Technology eliminates odor where it exists Skin safe. No biocides or harsh chemicals Advanced Huntress Approved formula will not change or alter color treated hair About Dead Down Wind Dead Down Wind products are specifically formulated to help reduce odor signatures to the lowest possible level. Our science-based, broad-spectrum approach offers the widest range of predator cue protection in scent control. From deodorizing laundry detergent that breaks down biofilms and blood stains to scent-eliminating personal care products and field sprays that further eliminate telltale odors, we offer a broad range of category-leading, odor-eliminating products.

Dead Down Wind Body & Hair Soap

Eliminates Odors Even After Showering

Begin your hunt by introducing a zero scent environment. Knock out body odor, residual or contact odors with a skin positive enzyme formula. This formula not only nourishes your skin but will kill the odors that matter so you will have the best chances when you step foot out of the shower and into the woods.

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